Spark Green has joined forces with Yoke. With respective pedigrees in brand-led creative strategy, innovative web design, and conversion-focused digital tools, Spark Green + Yoke have merged to provide a truly holistic approach to marketing, communications and brand growth.

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Want to engage your audience, minimise costs and increase your return on investment? We can help you achieve these objectives with our expertise and experience across a full range of online services.

Check out the services we offer below and contact us today to find out how we can help to enhance or develop your digital strategy.

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Our creative team brings passion, originality and flair to all types of digital projects.

From envelope pushing designs to engaging content, we’ll make sure your brand makes the best impression.

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Web design and development

Our team is at the cutting edge of web design and development technology and relishes the challenge of bringing digital strategies to life in creative and innovative ways.

Responsive and journey-centric design approaches ensure you’re putting your best foot forward on any device.

Robust and advanced development results in reliable functionality and innovative solutions.

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Digital strategy

A well-planned strategy working in alignment with overall business objectives is essential to extract maximum value from your online presence.

A creative and intelligent digital strategy can increase brand awareness, target your reach to the right people, drive your message home and maximise your return on investment.

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Investment data

As a digital agency exclusively serving the finance industry we are intimately acquainted with investment data management and visualisation.

Our investment solutions present data dynamically and strikingly to create maximum impact and engagement.

Updating and managing data is made simple and risk-free with automatic uploads and backups, version history and roll-back functionality.

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We produce bespoke designed and UX focused investment and financial calculators that provide real value to users, while driving online conversions.

Our calculators present a range of complex scenarios in simple ways to help your customers plan and manage their financial goals, based on their unique situations.

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Engagement tools

Interactivity is a key way to engage your users.

Our interactive engagement tools present relevant information in simple and fun ways, using animation and striking designs.

Integrated and dynamic CTAs result in impressively high conversion rates from highly engaged users.

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Online campaigns are an integral part of any comprehensive digital strategy.

Our bespoke email campaigns stand out in crowded inboxes with compelling copy and eye-grabbing visuals.

Extend your reach with our highly targeted and optimised social and display campaigns.

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Search engine traffic is incredibly valuable – capturing a user’s attention when they are actively searching for answers means they will be highly engaged with your content.

Our targeted and strategic search engine optimisation (SEO) programs are guaranteed to grow and maintain your organic search traffic.

Search engine marketing (SEM) strategies can be used separately or in combination with SEO to provide an instant boost in traffic.

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Demand for online videos has skyrocketed in recent years - most users prefer videos to text and are far more likely to retain information from videos.

Videos can be especially effective in finance to breathe life into what can sometimes be a dry subject matter.

Spark Green can manage production from concept to delivery to produce videos that are fun, attention-grabbing and informative.

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Content marketing

Providing users with content that gives them real value is key to keeping them engaged.

Keeping content fresh and regularly updated will encourage returns visits and strengthen your relationships with your customers and members.

As specialists in the finance industry we have the knowledge, and creative flair, to create relevant, informative and interesting content - and the strategies to make sure it gets seen.

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