The Artificial Intelligence revolution is here


As the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution sweeps into web optimisation, the landscape of A/B testing is set for change.

Whether it is call to action (CTA) testing, page optimisation, customer journey or any area that relates to KPIs, AI brings timeliness and rigour to the testing and improvement process.

Spark Green has already implemented AI to lift online outcomes using the system we developed in-house, known as Arti™. It has made the experience of using AI for websites remarkably peaceful, because once you have set the criteria up and the program starts, then everything happens automatically.

Artificial Intelligence revolution Arti™ is a good communicator too – it sends us emails to keep us in touch with what it is doing.

This process leaves humans to do what we do best: focusing on judgement. After all, isn’t that what managers are paid to do?

The next stage will be live customisation of the customer experience. This alters the way that algorithms are written in order to facilitate assessment of statistical validity in real time and allow response on the fly.

As AI spreads and adjusts different parts of the site, there will be a need to ensure consistency. AI can produce different outcomes for different customers and this needs to be understood and – dare we say it – cleared by Compliance!

Customer journeys are still paramount and will stay that way.

Looking more broadly, AI is already being taken to a new level with self-learning AI being tested in driverless cars. We expect self-learning algorithms to enter online work in the coming years.

Tesla car

Some optimists are even trying to get robots to create design. At Spark Green we don’t believe the technology is anywhere near capable of making great design, we love our designers!

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