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Digital marketing teams should be focused on delivering exceptional online experiences, not spending valuable time worrying about the complexities of infrastructure and hosting. Traditional hosting solutions are OK for basic websites, but as online requirements continue to grow more complex, marketers should consider partnering with an expert in managed hosting, like those behind SilverStripe Platform.

What is SilverStripe Platform?

SilverStripe Platform is the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) hosting environment designed and delivered by the team behind the SilverStripe CMS & Framework. It was created to provide enhanced performance and security benefits to SilverStripe-based projects, and developed over years of experience deploying complex digital projects for large organisations like Skinny Mobile and Forsyth Barr.

Silverstripe platform

Your project and applications sit on top of the Platform hosting environment and AWS.

Choosing a managed PaaS hosting solution tailored for your SilverStripe project helps ensure smooth delivery from your Content and Development teams. With dedicated 24/7 support provided by a professional Dev-Ops team and the performance benefits of world-class cloud-based infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can be confident in timely project delivery and ongoing reliability. 

Benefits of SilverStripe Platform 

PaaS, not just ordinary hosting

Traditional hosting solutions are OK for basic websites, but with more complex or mission-critical digital projects, there is a multitude of technical decisions that need to be made early on to achieve a successful outcome.

Making the right technical decisions early on will have a big impact on the total cost of ownership of your project. So, it’s crucial to factor in the cost to support and maintain technical choices you’ve made while also ensuring high availability and fast page speeds as your project evolves.

SilverStripe Platform simplifies these decisions by providing you with an optimised environment and the development tools that your team will need to be certain your project launches successfully and maintains high performance over time.

Proactive and responsive support

Ongoing 24/7 monitoring and support is provided by a dedicated Dev-Ops team who also take care of proactive updating and patching of the operating system and libraries, ensuring optimal performance and to safeguard from security vulnerabilities 

In the event of an emergency outage, a member of the team is alerted, immediately undertakes an investigation into the cause of the outage, and begins the process of getting the site back online. During this process, your team will be notified of the issue and kept up-to-date as it’s being resolved.

In a worst-case scenario, SilverStripe stores an automated backup of the site to implement a disaster recovery process and roll-back the site to its last stable release.

Development Dashboard

With the convenient SilverStripe Platform Developer Dashboard, your Development team can easily keep track of deployment history, view logs, write deployment notes, and manage the deployment approval processes. 

Keeping track of the dashboard provides your Development team with the ability to easily monitor the resources the application is using, allowing them to improve site performance and optimise efficiency.

Use your team's favourite development tools

It’s important that your Development team have the ability to move fast. So, to help streamline your continuous integration and deployment workflows, SilverStripe Platform offers integrations for your team’s favourite development tools and provides a well documented Open API to create their own custom integrations.

Talk to Spark Green about SilverStripe Platform for your project 

Spark Green is an experienced SilverStripe Digital Agency and well versed in the requirements of complex digital projects. Talk to them about how SilverStripe Platform can work for your next project.

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