Design trends for 2019


At the beginning of the year we like to take a look at what’s happening on the cutting edge of web design and what are likely to be the biggest trends for the year.

Looking back at the last few years of design evolution, it’s interesting to see how certain trends have emerged in response to the prominent styles of the time, then matured to become mainstream approaches.Take the trend of flat design, a minimalist style which was originally developed by Google in rebellion to the sometimes forced and busy “3D” style that was popular at the time. Flat design has since evolved from its minimalist roots with shadows and gradients to add more nuance and depth.

There is now a very diverse range of mature trends to draw inspiration from to develop a look and feel that represents your brand values and connects with your users.

Here are our top picks for emerging trends for 2019.

1. Emotional design

Emotional design emphasises the importance of creating a connection with your users. According to Design Shack, emotional connections fall into four categories:

Designers think about which of these groups the content falls into, and use colour, imagery, and user interface to create a further connection with the user.

Trust is very important in finance and emotional design can increase your user’s trust in your organisation.

2. Vibrant colour palettes

Bright and vibrant colour palettes are becoming more and more widespread. Bright colours look better than ever as screens increase in resolution, and help promote positivity and trust.

Finance organisations can take advantage of the positive associations with bright colours to create a softer, more approachable look and feel.

Vibrant colour palettes

3. Purposeful animation

Purposeful animation works within the design to help guide the user and strengthen their understanding of the content. It can help draw attention to certain parts of the design, drive engagement, or tell a story.

Design trends 2018 purposeful animation

4. Vintage typography

We are beginning to see more of a shift to more vintage typography. Rounder, thicker, serif style typefaces with an older feel are making a big comeback. As with bright colours, better screen resolution across all devices has been influential in this trend, meaning these styles are now much more readable than they were on older screens.

Design trends 2018 vintage typography

5. UX writing

UX writing is an approach to developing copy that prioritizes user experience by delivering information concisely and usefully. It is based on anticipating and respecting the user’s needs and  only delivering information that will be of use and value to them. It values honesty and directness and putting aside the temptation to include marketing jargon and overly promotional content.

Design trends 2018 ux writing

We look forward to seeing what new trends the year will bring. As always, we will be paying close attention and looking for new innovations that can benefit our clients.

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