Are you using email to its full potential?


The power of email is undeniable. It's arguably the most powerful tool available to marketers today.

It offers phenomenally high returns on investment and is really effective at driving customer action.

The problem is, promotional emails are everywhere. You’ve probably been sending them for quite a while, and we’re pretty sure you’ve been receiving them for even longer.

But don’t despair. There are still many ways you might not be aware of, to make emails work hard for you, and techniques you can use to engage your customers.

Let us give you a few tips.

Don’t write copy like a robot

This one speaks for itself. You’re trying to use email to connect with people right? So talk to them like people.

Make your copy readable and conversational, and include content your customers are interested in. Don't just hit them around the head with your sales pitch.

Think about how you’d explain your business to a friend? Write your emails like that and your customers will be more likely to take note of what you’re saying.

Personalise your emails

Dear <first name>... Ok, we all know that trick by now, but it’s is not the only way to personalise an email.

Sending the same mass message to hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of customers ignores one of email's biggest advantages. So much customer data has become available to businesses (especially in the finance industry) in the last few years. The personalisation options are pretty much endless.

You can vary the content of a single email (including copy, images and links) based on your database and tailor a single broadcast to multiple customer segments and sub-segments. This results in messages that are relevant to each customer.

Track your results

One of the best things about email marketing is how easily you can track the results of your campaigns. This is one of its biggest strengths over traditional marketing.

Effective tracking means you can:

Design your emails for mobile

Did you know that over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices? So, are you producing your emails with this in mind?

Responsive, mobile-first design ensures that emails look great across a variety of devices.

Consideration should also be made to content length and placement of CTAs. The nature of mobile devices means not as much can fit onto the screen. Make sure you’re not asking customers to scroll too far to reach important content and CTAs.

Constant evolution

The field of email marketing is constantly evolving. Just when you think you’re on top of it, some new technology or process or idea comes along that you need to familiarise yourself with. Make sure you keep up-to-date. There will always be new challenges and new opportunities for marketers – it pays to stay in the know.

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